Wikimedia Spain is a non-profit association. We are supported by donations from individuals and organisations that make small or large contributions to protect free knowledge.

In 2021 our association was declared a public utility entity (*), so you could deduct your donations to Wikimedia Spain in your next income tax return.

  • To receive your donation certificate you must send us an email to with your full name and surname, ID number, your province and attaching the donation transfer receipt.
  • Only persons who are taxed in Spain can benefit from the tax relief.
  • In order for your donation to be effective and tax deductible, you must include your full name and surname, ID number and your province in the concept of the transfer you make.

You can donate using any of the following methods.

Wire transfer

To our Triodos Bank account:

Owner: Wikimedia España

IBAN: ES44 1491 0001 2620 4562 0719



Make a one-off or recurring donation from PayPal.

(*)The entities benefiting from patronage allow those who finance them with a charge to certain items to deduct a variable percentage in their income tax return, depending on certain criteria.

  • Monetary donations. The basis for the deduction is the amount of the donation.
  • Membership contributions which do not correspond to the right to receive a present or future benefit. The basis for the deduction is the amount of the contributions.

Wikimedia Spain, as an entity declared of public utility, is one of those beneficiaries of patronage and deductible concepts, since last January 10, 2024, when the RD Law 6/2023 of December 19, amending several articles of the law 49/2022 of December 23 on tax regime of non-profit entities and tax incentives for patronage, was validated, to be applied from January 1, 2024.

The deduction percentages are as follows:

  • Deduction base amount up to 250 euros: 80%.
  • Remaining deduction base (exceeding 250 euros): 40%
  • Increased rate for repeated donations to the same entity: 45%.