It aims to improve and expand the content in Wikimedia projects, around certain thematic areas. We understand the quality and diversity of content as a service to the community. We work transversally and as a priority on the linguistic diversity of Spain and the gender gap.


Tiene como objetivo el mejorar y ampliar los contenidos en los proyectos Wikimedia, en torno a unas determinadas áreas temáticas. Entendemos la calidad y diversidad de contenidos como un servicio a la comunidad. Trabajamos de forma transversal y prioritaria la diversidad lingüística de España y la brecha de género.


Aimed at raising awareness about the Wikimedia movement. It helps our different audiences to understand how we work at Wikimedia Spain, and why free knowledge is important. We seek to position the association as the reference agent in Spain for Wikimedia projects, and at the same time establish processes and produce content that keeps members and our target audience informed about our work, its impact and how they can take an active role in the movement.

Internal management

We seek to improve our transparency and involvement in order to achieve a sustainable association that promotes knowledge transfer. In recent years we have worked on a reform of the Statutes, on the restructuring and creation of new internal regulations, and we have promoted the access and use of documentation and its processes.