Boards of Directors

Florencia Claes


Her first Wikipedia article was about a German film director, and she wrote it to get an extra point in a degree subject. Since 2009 she hasn’t stopped. Her biggest contribution to Wikipedia is not her articles, but explaining to others how the project works and why it is important to be a Wikimedian.

Ester Bonet

Vice – president

She came to Wikipedia to contribute her knowledge in the field of sport. She soon realised that the phrase ‘the free content encyclopaedia that everyone can edit’ was not quite true. She works for a diverse and egalitarian Wikipedia in which women are not in the minority either in terms of content or number of editors.

Ignacio Casares


He graduated from the University of Granada and the University of Essex; he also holds a master’s degree in Web Development from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. He has participated since 2018 in Wikimedia projects, carrying out edits especially on topics related to health sciences and LGBT.

Pedro Pacheco


After winning the Spanish edition of Wiki Loves Monuments in 2014 he was encouraged to join. His knowledge of accounting brought him to the Board of Directors. He contributes his photos to the movement, in addition to the fiscal and accounting management of the association. He is actively involved in the association’s strategy and relations.

Maria Bolado


She tries to bring her students closer to free software and its philosophy. These concerns led her to get involved in the Wikimedia movement and in the defence of free knowledge. She has a great interest in photography and contributes to Wikimedia Commons with enthusiasm. She has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2018.

Israel Salcedo


He has carried out numerous science outreach activities since his university days, which led him to register as a Wikipedia user in 2014 and to work as a secondary school teacher since 2017. Further collaboration in editing articles led him to participate in Wikimedia events, such as several editions of Wikipedia for Peace, and to become a member of Wikimedia Spain as a way of promoting free knowledge and access to truthful and verified information.


Wikimedia Spain has a small salaried staff. The rest of the members of the association participate on a voluntary basis, including those who make up the Board of Trustees.

Pilar de la Prieta

Executive Director

She is a strong advocate of Open Access. She has more than 20 years of experience in companies and institutions of various types. In her most recent stage she has been dedicated to the development of strategic plans, the execution of operational objectives and institutional relations with different administrations and companies.

Ruben Ojeda

Project Manager

Editor of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects since 2008, he worked as Wikipedian in Residence in three state museums in 2015, and since 2016 he has been planning and coordinating the different activities and projects of Wikimedia Spain. He establishes relationships with cultural and educational groups and institutions and provides support to members and volunteers.

Sara Santamaría

Communications Manager

Master in Organisational Communication specialising in corporate communication, both internally and externally. She has more than twelve years of experience in corporate communication, strategic planning, reputation management, crisis prevention and management, and digital strategy, working in the education, health, NGO, energy, consulting and mass consumption sectors.