¿are you an INSTITUtion?

Wikimedia Spain works hand in hand with different institutions at national and international level, mainly in the cultural and educational fields. Its aim is to develop joint actions and projects that facilitate the creation, improvement and expansion of content, and the dissemination of free knowledge.

Each institution owns and produces content of all kinds, such as cultural, educational, scientific, social, etc., which for the Wikimedia movement is an important resource to promote its accessibility, under a free licence, in the Wikimedia projects.

How can you collaborate from your institution?

  • Make content (texts, images, databases, documents…) available on your website under a compatible free licence so that it can be reused in Wikimedia projects, in any language.
  • Organise courses, workshops or edit-a-thons to train staff or the public on free knowledge and Wikimedia projects. They also serve to generate content, for example, about the institution’s collections based on a quality bibliography.

  • Digitise works or cultural heritage of your institution, so that it is available to the public and can be used and disseminated through Wikimedia.
  • Organise backstage passes for Wikimedians in your area, so that they not only get to know the different areas of your institution, whether open or closed to the public, but also come into contact with the institution’s professionals, share information and create links between the two communities.

  • Host a person to work as a Wikimedian in residence, working closely with the professionals of the institution for a certain period of time. The objective will be to build bridges between the Wikimedia community and the institution, through daily work and the organisation of initiatives and activities.

If you would like more information and to enquire about us, please contact us at proyectos@wikimedia.es