We are a non-profit association that promotes free knowledge and Wikimedia projects, Wikipedia being the best known. We were founded in 2011 and since then we have been working to improve accessibility, use and participation in the free encyclopaedia and its sister projects, both socially and institutionally. As an association, we have a set of values, a mission and a vision that define us:


We promote the organisation, dissemination and improvement of initiatives that support access, modification and redistribution of free knowledge. We provide tools and resources so that all individuals, groups and institutions can participate in the creation, collection and dissemination of multilingual, diverse and quality content in Wikimedia projects.


We want a world in which all people can access, produce and share all knowledge in their own language, openly and freely.


We understand values as the set of beliefs and norms that guide and regulate the behaviour and life of this organisation, and that constitute the support for the vision, mission, strategy and strategic objectives. These are the following:

  • Diversity
  • Transparency

  • Dynamism
  • Accessibility
  • Community
  • Independence